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Oasys Ltd. is the software house of Arup. We have used LS-DYNA in our consultancy work for over 30 years, supporting users and distributing the software in multiple regions.

Our in-depth knowledge of the solver has enabled us to create the Oasys LS-DYNA Environment - tailored tools to prepare models, interpret results, and share solutions:

PRIMER: efficient, reliable model setup.
D3PLOT: 3D visualisation of results with multi-model post-processing tools.
T/HIS: plotting, manipulating, and processing XY data.
REPORTER: automatic report generation for simulations.
SHELL: easy access to each stage of the analysis.

Other products include FE Models, D3PLOT Viewer, and Report Viewer. 

With operations in the UK, USA, India, China, and Japan, our global team supports users to bring products to life.

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