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JetSoft Technology Co.

Founded in 2007, Jetsoft Technology Co., Ltd. is the leading CAD/CAE/CAM/PLM software solutions provider in Taiwan. We provide total solutions in product development process for enterprises. The headquarter of Jetsoft Technology is located in Taipei, with two branch offices in Taichung and Tainan. Jetsoft Technology has served over thousands of corporations, with solid strategic partnerships with ANSYS, PTC, OPEN MIND and INNEO. We offer solutions for ANSYS product line, including Structural, Multibody Dynamics, Thermal, CFD, Moldflow, Acoustic, Vibration, Multiphysics, etc. Our core technology strength spans the fields of electronics, medical/industrial equipment, engineering machinery, aerospace, ThingWorx, automotive Transportation & mobility. Here at Jetsoft Technology, we’re 100% dedicated to providing critical services for the entire R&D process.

Jetsoft Technology always focused on the needs of our clients with the knowledge of current industry trends. With professional technological background and decades of practical experience in serving clients, Jetsoft Technology provides specializes in engineering services and customized educational training to help companies into competitiveness, and getting a head-start in the market.

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