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Fluid Codes (Elite Channel Partner)


Fluid Codes is the Elite Channel partner of ANSYS in Bulgaria, covering the full range of ANSYS software, consultancy and support needs of the engineering community in Bulgaria.


Fluid Codes supplies and directly supports the growing ANSYS user base in Bulgaria. Its team consists of highly qualified engineers and scientists who, in combination with dedicated technical support staff, offer pre- and post-sales support, practical evaluation workshops, immediate technical “Help line” response, model building and long-term consultancy support.


Fluid Codes Ltd prides themselves on their accuracy, deep experience, responsive customer service and dependable delivery. Whether you need a small design validation task analyzed or a major research and development project completed, Fluid Codes will exceed expectations. They work with Ansys simulation software every day, solving the industry’s toughest problems.


Fluid Codes provides the highest quality customer-focused trainings for engineers involved in fluid, structural dynamics, electronics and electromagnetics, system level modeling and multiphysics. They recognize the importance of practical knowledge transfer as a means to enhance productivity and efficiency, and provide introductory as well as advanced training courses, tailored to the specific customer requirements.

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