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亿道电子技术有限公司(Emdoor Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd)


Emdoor Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is one of the largest tools providers in China. The company provides various tools and services for research and development as well as design and management for enterprise users.

As a prominent player on the market for more than ten years, Emdoor is committed to improving the efficiency of research and development and shortening its customers’ design cycles. To do this, the company has built strategic and strong partnerships with various companies and is the main distribution partner of the world-leading company Ansys.

亿道电子技术有限公司是Ansys最大的仿真工具代理商之一,能够为客户提供Ansys EBU,FUB,MBU以及Apache等全线仿真软件工具以及完整的解决方案和服务。

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