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DATE: 01/21/2020

Ansys Student Software Surpasses One Million Downloads

Ansys Academic Program empowers tomorrow's engineers to make an immediate impact in the workforce

PITTSBURGH, January 21, 2020 – Ansys (NASDAQ: ANSS) is paving the way for the next generation of innovation by lowering the barrier of adoption for simulation software through its growing academic program. Free student software — a key component of the program — recently surpassed more than one million downloads since its launch in late 2015, empowering students to develop skillsets they need to compete in the job market, stay ahead of the latest technology trends and make an immediate impact after graduation.

As digital transformation reshapes engineering, companies are relying more heavily on advanced simulation solutions to overcome unprecedented design challenges and recruiting engineers who are proficient in simulation tools. To close this skills gap and help companies innovate faster, Ansys is engaging with students at every level, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Professors and researchers from more than 3,200 universities in 87 countries leverage Ansys software, bringing simulation into the classroom for a hands-on learning experience. The Ansys Academic Program empowers students through free student software, the sponsorship of more than 500 student teams and the Ansys Student Community, which allows users to ask and answer questions, access tutorials and discuss engineering challenges.

"Simulation is an important tool both inside and outside of the classroom. Students who are proficient in simulation have an easier transition from academia to industry," said Dereje Agonafer, Presidential Distinguished Professor, University of Texas at Arlington. "Students who understand the physics in the lab and can also couple it to simulation are untouchable. Knowing Ansys gives engineers a major advantage — I see this firsthand as my graduates enter the workforce."

Beyond the classroom and online community, university-based student teams are applying simulation to solve-real world challenges, ranging from electronic design to high-speed transportation. These teams participate in diverse competitions, ranging from Formula SAE, the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition, Human Powered Vehicle Challenge and many more.

"Solar Team Eindhoven competed in the World Solar Challenge this year, designing a vehicle that could carry four passengers with great comfort, safety and reliability," said Michiel van Laarhoven, a structural engineering student at Eindhoven University of Technology. "Ansys Mechanical and composite solutions played a critical role in designing and validating the composite monocoque to obtain the optimum laminate. With the help of Ansys, we beat 16 other teams from around the world, taking first place in the Cruiser Class."

Ansys also supports continued education for engineers at any stage of their career through free Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) offered by universities. One of Cornell University's simulation-focused MOOCs has generated 142,000 registrations across 173 countries since its inception. Registrants range from students just becoming familiar with simulation to established engineers expanding their understanding of Ansys solutions.

"The Ansys Academic Program has grown into a truly holistic offering," said Prith Banerjee, chief technology officer at Ansys and executive sponsor of the Ansys Academic Program. "Students benefit from access to simulation tools and instructions throughout their academic careers and can take advantage of online courses, student team sponsorships and our industry connections. We also help universities succeed by providing important material for curriculum development and research. We're eager to see what kinds of innovations are brought to life by the bright minds who will put our technology to the test in academia."

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