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EMA3D Cable vs EMA3D Charge Webinar Series

Learn the EMA3D Cable and EMA3D Charge applications and how each solver applies to Aerospace and Defense. Hear from subject matter experts with decades of experience talk about the technology behind these simulators/solvers and their application to designs from the chip level to PCBs and up to total vehicles such as automobiles, aircraft, and spacecraft.

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EMA3D Cable vs. EMA3D Charge in A&D Applications

Learn the modeling requirements development and validation of complex vehicles and electronics units for A&D systems. See the tools used for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) certification, simulating electromagnetic environmental effects (E3), and analyzing space environmental effects (SEE).

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EMA3D Cable vs. EMA3D Charge for Electronics and Automotive Applications

We'll scrutinize solver examples used for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) certification, electrostatic discharge (ESD), and high voltage arcing in general electronic system applications. We'll discuss the peculiar discharge problems and hazards electronics face in automotive platforms.

Webinar On-Demand
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Ansys EMA3D Cable vs. Ansys EMA3D Charge: Electromagnetic Hazards on Rail Assets

Learn how interference and hazards happen during railroad transportation and how to mitigate these risks with EMA3D Cable and EMA 3D Charge.

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