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Automotive Electronics Reliability Webinar Series

About This Webinar Series

New industry and consumer demands are currently driving the automotive sector with all-electrified powertrains, ADAS, advanced safety systems, in-car infotainment systems and more. The modern-day vehicle is increasingly becoming an electric machine—with electronics making up more than 48% of the car in some cases. The shift towards more advanced electronic systems requires more powerful electrical signal performance and more mechanically and thermally reliable electronic components to accommodate new vehicle designs and use environments.

In this webinar series, our presenters will discuss some of the challenges facing automotive manufacturers. Topics include the necessity for higher-performing components and materials and how to meet more rigorous OEM specifications that meet regulatory standards. You'll also see demonstrations of a specialized multi-physics workflow that accounts for all physics impacting automotive electronic systems —from electrical to thermal to mechanical stress.

On-Demand Webinars

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Part 1 - Meeting Automotive OEM Specs with Virtual Validation

With new demands for automotive electronics driven by autonomous and electric vehicles, engineers must meet stricter reliability, durability & safety requirements, including the newly updated GMW3172 spec. Learn how to meet this spec using dedicated virtual validation workflows.

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Part 2 – Designing Automotive Electronics to Meet ISO 26262 Safety and Reliability Targets

Learn how to meet ISO 26262 (a safety-related specification for automotive E/E systems) using a dedicated model-based simulation workflow.

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Part 3 – Step-by-Step Workflow: Meeting Reliability Goals without Historic Reliability Data

Autonomous vehicles & electrification are driving new demands for automotive electronics including new and unexplored duty cycles. Learn how to perform reliability assessments without historical data.

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