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Leonardo Labs Embraces Digitally Driven Future

Enabling Breakthrough Technologies

Reducing Computational Time with Ansys

An international network of research and development laboratories, Leonardo Labs is striking a balance between environmental responsibility and the technological performance of its components and systems.  

Digitalization plays a pivotal role, integrating cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and digital twins into the design and development of aircraft. Collaborating with Ansys, Leonardo Labs can perform high-fidelity simulations that leverage the computational power of its supercomputer, DaVinci-1, with greater accuracy and in less time. 

“We are considering bringing artificial intelligence into a very specific application of a digital twin as part of our understanding of the benefits of AI in our simulation environment. This is a new project, and we want to work with Ansys, especially on our research topics.” 

Alessandro Massa
Head of R&T at Leonardo Labs

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Hybrid and Electric Propulsion for Sustainable Aviation

See how simulation is enabling development of new propulsion systems that can help the aviation industry achieve significant advancements in sustainability, reduced emissions, and improved operational efficiency. 


Shaping the Future through Artificial Intelligence and Simulation

Use AI/ML methods to automatically find simulation parameters, improving speed and accuracy simultaneously. Guide early product optimization efforts and help engineers quickly find the best design space based on thousands of parameters.


Connect the Digital Thread with Hybrid Digital Twins, AI-Enabled Simulation, and Cloud Computing

Digital convergence enables industries to make the most of the data they collect to inform decisions at every stage of the product life cycle. Read how simulation engineering fits in the broader digital convergence discussion.