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Ansys + BMW

Validating Autonomous Driving

Before taking to the highways, automated vehicles (AVs) must first support safety through rigorous testing in complex driving environments, including boundless road conditions and weather scenarios. This would require billions of miles of physical road tests across numerous driving conditions. Simulation greatly reduces the need for physical testing and will help bring safe AVs to the highways in a fraction of the time. 

By working together, Ansys and the BMW Group are paving the way for fully autonomous vehicles. 

“We are continuously searching for more comfort, for more intelligence, and more convenience to deliver the safest, most pleasurable driving experience for our customers. To support us in these efforts, we chose Ansys as a partner because of its strong simulation background over several domains, as well as its engineering know-how and experience with statistics and scenario analysis in the autonomous space.”

Nicolai Martin
SVP Automated Driving, BMW Group

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BMW Drives Toward a Sustainable Future

BMW Group has been leveraging Ansys software for years to solve diverse electric vehicle engineering challenges.


Co-Developing Simulation Software for Autonomous Driving

Ansys and the BMW Group are extending their collaboration to create the first-ever end-to-end tool chain specifically guided by safety principles to develop and validate ADAS and automated/autonomous driving functions.