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Thomas LeJeune


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Thomas Lejeune

Product Marketing Manager, Ansys 

Thomas develops go-to-market strategy and product marketing activities for the Ansys Cloud product line. He partners with Sales, Technical, Support, and Field Marketing teams as well as independent software vendors and cloud service providers to drive marketing initiatives to promode Ansys Cloud products. These include product launches, social media campaigns, digital marketing campaigns, sales enablement materials, presentations, events, free trial promotions, and account-based marketing campaigns.


  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering Degree from HEPIA HES-SO, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Master of Science in Business Engineering Degree from Kedge Business School, France

Joined Ansys: September 2017

Articles by This Author


Cleaning Up Runway Junk with Millimeter Wave Radars

Learn how Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.. used Ansys Cloud to run radar system simulations 20X faster, helping to ensure airport runways are clear of dangerous debris. 

Typing on Laptop

Breaking Down Barriers to Innovation with Ansys Elastic Licensing

Learn about the various Ansys HPC licensing options that let you scale to whatever computational level of simulation you require, from single-user or small user group options for entry-level parallel processing up to virtually unlimited parallel capacity.


How to Design Better Products in Less Time with Ansys optiSLang and the Cloud

When Ansys optiSLang is used with Ansys Cloud, you can access almost unlimited compute resources, so you will be able to run all of your simulation scenarios in parallel without any need to wait. 


Ansys Cloud on Microsoft Azure: A Vital Resource for Business Continuity During the Pandemic

Ansys Cloud on Microsoft Azure has proven to be a vital resource for business continuity during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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