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Sin Min Yap

VP, Strategy, Ansys

Sin Min Yap drives Ansys strategic vision and market validation. He designs an integrated set of actions to drive a sustainable revenue growth and competitive advantage. He also develops strategic response plans to market opportunities and competitive threats, and builds a great strategy team that attracts, develops, excites, and retains exceptional people.


  • Executive Program at Singularity University 
  •  Master of Science in Operations Management from Michigan Technological University—Houghton, Michigan, USA
  •  Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering
  •  Master of Science in Engineering Mechanics
  •  Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

Professional Credentials

  • McKinsey & Co. mini-MBA program, including INSEAD professors 
  •  Awarded the Interfraternity/sorority Councils Hellenic Laurel for Teaching Excellence at Valparaiso University 
  • Published Articles in Intl. Journal of Vehicle Design & presented Tech. Papers in Intl. Conferences. 
  • Authored a Computer Aided Engineering Product Information Management (CAE PIM) guidebook

Joined Ansys: March 2012

Articles by This Author

factory automation

Optimize Industrial Automation Systems Using Digital Twins

ANSYS and Rockwell Automation offer tools to improve the efficiency of industrial automation technologies using simulation-based digital twins.


Ansys and Autodesk Develop an Open and Seamless Workflow

Model transfer between Autodesk Fusion 360 and Ansys Mechanical is now streamlined and automated.

ansys hall

Ansys Hall Prepares Carnegie Mellon Students for the Workforce

Ansys Hall opens at Carnegie Mellon University, offering students access to maker spaces, a computer cluster, collaboration spaces and Ansys simulation technologies.

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