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Scott Wilkins

Lead Product Marketing Manager, Ansys

Working across Ansys, particularly in the Materials team, as well as with customers, Scott develops and delivers the content, campaigns and messaging to explain how we add value to engineering companies around the world.


  • Bachelors Degree in Engineering and Commerce at University of Birmingham, Mechanical Engineering and Business Management

Joined Ansys: August 2020

Articles by This Author


Sumitomo Electric Taps Into Ansys’ Material World to Support More Sustainable Electric Motor Designs

See how Sumitomo Electric Industries (SEI), a manufacturer of soft magnetic composites (SMCs) used its unique material and high-density, high-precision modeling technology to identify the materials for the job with help from Ansys.

Ansys Granta data management database

A New Way to Calibrate Material Models for Simulation

Access an easy-to-use application through Ansys Granta MI Enterprise materials data management database to rapidly generate simulation-ready material model coefficients from experimental data.


Managing Materials to Achieve Sustainability Objectives

Sustainable product design and development is on the minds of consumers and corporate board members alike, but the work of engineering teams behind product development is where those thoughts can be turned into action.

Material Intelligence Day

Unlock Material Intelligence at Ansys’ New Virtual Event | Ansys

As most simulation analysts will attest, inaccurate materials lead to inaccurate simulations. Material intelligence is the answer. 

impact of materials on sustainability

The Impact of Materials on Sustainability

Learn how material and process engineering provide important solutions for combatting climate change and fostering sustainability in product design.

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