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Bozidar Novakovic


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Bozidar Novakovic

Senior R&D Engineer, Ansys

As Senior R&D Engineer at Ansys, Bozidar leads solver development for optoelectronic simulations. His expertise is in semiclassical and quantum charge transport and in coupling of electrical, optical, and thermal physics for simulation of devices such as optical modulators, photodetectors, lasers, and LEDs. As a member of the Ansys Photonics team, Bozidar contributed to the solver development of Ansys Lumerical CHARGE, HEAT, MQW, and INTERCONNECT products as well as integrations with the photonic solvers FDTD and MODE/FEEM. He works closely with academic partners to advance research in optoelectronic simulation, leading joint projects, supervising interns, actively contributing to the community, and engaging with customers to better understand their needs and issues.


  • Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Belgrade, Serbia
  • Master of Arts degree in Physics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Doctor of Philosophy degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Professional Credentials:

  • 2021 R1 EBU R&D Excellence Award for Best Solver Contribution, Ansys, Aug. 2020
  • Recognition for contributions to development of NEMO5 software, Process Technology Department, Intel Corporation, Jan. 2013

Joined Ansys: June 2017

Articles by This Author


How to Create a Laser Model for a Photonic Process Design Kit (PDK)

Learn how accurate compact models are important for photonic circuit simulation, the effects that laser characteristics have on photonic circuits, and how to create an accurate laser compact model including the temperature and noise effects.


How to Design Better Electro-Absorption Modulators (EAMs)

Learn a better way to model and simulate EAMs used for fiber optic transceivers by accurately capturing the influence of excitons on absorption via the quantum-confined stark effect (QCSE).


Fraunhofer HHI Delivers its First SOA Compact Model with Ansys

Fraunhofer HHI delivers InP foundry-calibrated semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA) Compact Model with Ansys Lumerical.

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