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Simulation Software for Vehicle Chassis Design

Engineer safe, lightweight, high strength and cost-effective chassis designs through simulation.


Optimizing Vehicle Chassis Design Through Simulation

The vehicle chassis is the foundation for the autonomous, electric and connected future of automotive transportation and mobility. The only way to deliver the next generation of safe, lightweight, low-cost, durable, reliable and higher-performance vehicles comes through optimizing chassis design with simulation.

  • Chassis Structural
    Chassis Structural
  • Crash and Safety
    Crash and Safety
  • Painting
  • Brakes, Suspension, Steering
    Brakes, Suspension, Steering
  • Wheels and Tires
    Wheels and Tires
Optimizing Vehicle Chassis Design Through Simulation

Simulating All Facets of Vehicle Chassis Design

Chassis Structural

Combine implicit and explicit solvers with workflows for optimization, design and print additive manufacturing. This materials intelligence platform enables engineers to optimize designs, predict fatigue life and balance weight and cost against performance.


With complex configurations and optimized topologies, simulation of the painting process offers the only way to achieve uniform coating, correct draining of the body in white and minimize physical testing, material and energy consumption.

Crash and Safety

Ansys industry-standard crash and impact simulation capabilities minimize expensive physical testing through accurate prediction of damage, effects on passengers and airbag deployment verification to meet and exceed crash standards ratings.

Brakes, Suspension, Steering

Accurate simulation ensures system performance and safety levels get achieved across a range of duty cycles and dynamic loads, while addressing sound power levels and brake squeal to enhance passenger comfort.

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By: Liam Sherry

Transforming Electric Vehicle and Autonomous Vehicle Engineering Processes to Meet Growing Demand

Learn how enhancing digital capabilities through simulation increases business agility, accelerating progress in fast-moving markets to deliver more innovative solutions.

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