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Environmental Pollution Control

Design and optimize technologies that reduce emissions, energy use and waste. 

Reducing Environmental Footprint Through Simulation

Under pressure to reduce energy and resource consumption while eliminating or capturing emissions and waste, companies must meet stringent environmental standards. Simulation is a critical technology to improve existing environmental control systems and innovate new solutions.

  • Optimizing Combustion Processes
    Optimizing Combustion Processes
  • Designing Emission Reduction Technologies
    Designing Emission Reduction Technologies
  • Improving Exhaust Gas and Effluent Water Quality Control
    Improving Exhaust Gas and Effluent Water Quality Control
  • Enhancing Air and Wastewater Treatment Facilities
    Enhancing Air and Wastewater Treatment Facilities
energy simulation electrification

Efficient Environmental Modeling

Gas Turbine Simulation

Combustion Optimization

Ansys offers combustion simulation solutions for an array of products and configurations, from boilers to reformers and gas turbines including NOx, SOx and soot pollution models.

Emission Reduction Technology

Our simulations offer accurate modeling for sprays and atomization, evaporation, solidification and decomposition for complex emission reduction technologies, including selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems.

Exhaust Gas and Effluent Quality Control

Ansys has complex multiphase reacting flow capabilities for gas liquid contact equipment and liquid-solid flows with validated use cases spanning cyclones, precipitators, scrubbers, filters, reactors and settling tanks.

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