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Cardiovascular Applications

Rapid and reliable innovation and testing of new cardiovascular medical devices and implants. 

Optimize Cardiovascular Devices Through Simulation

With more than 30 percent of all deaths attributed to cardiovascular diseases, the healthcare industry invests massively in disease prevention, treatment and efforts to shorten the recovery period. The extensive in vitro and in vivo testing required to ensure patient safety inevitably slows the delivery of innovative implantable cardiovascular devices — stents, valves or pacemakers/defibrillators — to those who need them the most.  Leveraging the power of in silico medicine and developing a detailed and reliable multiphysics model of the device and its working environment (the human body) provides the necessary insights to test and optimize new products, help accelerate regulatory approval and save lives.

  • Implants with a Virtual Population
    Implants with a Virtual Population
  • Blood Damage
    Blood Damage
  • Reliability Throughout Product Lifecycle
    Reliability Throughout Product Lifecycle
  • Ensure MRI Compatibility
    Ensure MRI Compatibility
cardio devices simulation

Cardiovascular Applications

Create Effective Cardiovascular Devices

Cardio Compatibility

In Silico Clinical Trials

Applying validated and approved computer models of cardiovascular implants to hundreds of virtual patients provides digital evidence of product performance to help accelerate the regulatory approval process.

Minimize Blood Damage

High shear stress induced by artificial blood pumps or valves may irremediably damage blood cells. Simulation delivers the insight required to innovate device design and reduce damage.

Ensuring MRI Compatibility

Coupled electro-thermal analysis can evaluate the temperature increase with implanted devices such as pacemakers due to MRI interaction.

Reliability and Durability

Use simulation to examine the performance of a cardiac valve or a stent under a wide range of loading conditions and in a diverse virtual population, to render reliable, durable designs.

Ansys Fluent
Ansys Fluent
流體 Fluids Icon

CFD 軟體以其先進的物理建模和領先業界的準確度而聞名。

  • 現代化、方便使用的介面
  • 單一窗口工作流程 — 從前處理到後處理
  • 簡化的網格和物理工作流程
  • 進階物理建模
  • 高效的網格和求解器 HPC 擴展
Ansys CFX
Ansys CFX
流體 Ansys CFX

高性能 CFD 軟體在渦輪機械應用領域中,以出色的精準度、穩健度和速度聞名。

  • 簡化的渦輪設定
  • 刀片設計工具整合
  • 多重階段 CFD 建模
  • 瞬態葉片排法
  • 諧波平衡法
Ansys LS-DYNA 鳥擊分析
Structures Structures Icon

採用整合在 Ansys Mechanical 中的強大通用顯式動力模擬軟體。大量的功能和材料模型可使複雜的模型具有極大的可擴充性。

  • 處理極度非線性的模擬
  • 模擬極端變形問題
  • 使用不可壓縮流 (ICFD)、電磁學 (EM) 和 CESE /可壓縮流 和化學求解器解決多物理問題
Ansys Mechanical 引擎體
Ansys Mechanical
Structures Structures Icon

想解決多樣的結構分析需求,需要一套有限元分析 (FEA) 方案,該解決方案提供針對結構和耦合場行為的深入分析。

  • 使用便利的多用途工具
  • 一貫、可靠的求解器技術
  • 動態的整合平台
Ansys Discovery
3D 設計 3D Design

我們創新的介面使 3D 設計工程師可以結合即時物理模擬、高傳真度結果與直接建模。

  • 以即時物理模擬為特色
  • 提供快速的高傳真度結果
  • 探索多物理與多重物理量情境 
  • 移除 CAD 模型、萃取流體域或簡化模擬模型
  • 拓撲最佳化以加速工作流程
  • 與任何 CAD 檔案相容
Ansys Granta MI Pro


  • 方便易用的材料資料庫
  • 比較材料屬性
  • 整合主流 CAD 和 CAE 產品
  • 預先載入 2,600 多個材料資料集
Ansys HFSS
Ansys HFSS
電子產品 Ansys HFSS

用於設計高頻和高速電子元件的 3D 電磁場求解器。其 FEM、IE、漸近和混合求解器可解決 RF、微波、IC、PCB 和 EMI 問題。

  • 解決多層封裝
  • 適用於 PCB 和封裝的 3D 配置工作流程
  • 高頻電磁求解器
  • 透過 3D 元件的 IP 保護
Ansys Minerva 標誌
Ansys Minerva
連接 Connect Icon
由 Aras 提供的 Ansys Minerva 是企業級模擬流程和數據管理 (SPDM) 解決方案,以直覺式、易於使用、Web 式使用者介面滿足所有模擬工作流程,進而強化工程生產力。Minerva 為非特定廠商所擁有,可與 Ansys 主機和協力廠商模擬及 PLM 軟體整合。
  • 取用及重複運用模擬資料
  • 協調流暢的模擬程序管理
  • HPC 工作提交和資料管理
  • 運用角色型介面跟進專案
  • 非專家人員可存取模擬結果
  • 整合組織,同步及交換資料
Ansys Zemax OpticStudio
Ansys Zemax OpticStudio
Optics & Virtual Reality (VR) Ansys Zemax OpticStudio

OpticStudio is the standard for optical, illumination, and laser system design in leading companies throughout the optics industry and at universities around the world. Get everything you need to simulate, optimize, and tolerance your optical designs. Design high-confidence virtual prototypes that you can thoroughly analyze before manufacturing.

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Ansys is fully embracing the in silico approach by creating the necessary software and enabling access to computational power to make simulation pervasive from startups to large global companies, from concept to in-patient performance.



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