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Filling, Mixing, and Sloshing Simulations Using Ansys Fluent

In this upcoming webinar, learn best practices and tips to perform accurate, robust, fast, free surface (multiphase) simulations for filling, mixing, and sloshing applications.


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About this Webinar

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) provides a virtual platform to evaluate fluid and thermal design aspects before building physical prototypes. CFD modeling of free surface multiphase flows finds many applications in many industries. From fuel tank and coolant jacket filling, shaft cooling, impeller-driven mixing tank reactors, casting, and tundish flows in metals processing to tank sloshing under varying gravity conditions for aerospace. These industries have been rapidly adopting various computational techniques to accelerate new product development and lower the risk associated with each decision. In this webinar, we will look at these applications modeled in CFD and best practices to set up these cases in Ansys Fluent.

What You Will Learn

  • Latest advancements in the volume-of-fluid (VOF) multiphase model related to solution robustness, accuracy, and speed-up
  • See how adaptive mesh refinement: PUMA (Polyhedral Unstructured Mesh Adaption) provides efficient interface capturing
  • Learn about the new hybrid-NITA framework that applies to industrial strength cases
  • Get tips on modeling highly viscous fluids 

Who Should Attend

  • Automotive Design Engineers
  • Chemical and Pharma Scientists
  • Metals and Process Engineers
  • Aerospace Design Engineers


  • Rohit Sharma, Principal Application Engineer, Ansys
  • Vishesh Agarwal, Lead Technical Support Engineer, Ansys
Bottle filling for different viscosity