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Fast-Tracking Simulation with Reduced Order Models using Ansys Twin Builder

In the ever-evolving landscape of engineering simulation, efficiency and accuracy are paramount. Ansys Twin Builder, a cutting-edge platform for digital twin development, offers a robust framework for creating, deploying, and managing digital twins of physical systems. However, the computational demands of high-fidelity simulations can be daunting, often consuming substantial time and resources. 


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Enter reduced order models (ROMs), a powerful technique that promises to revolutionize how we approach simulation. ROM technology uses in-built AI/ML algorithms to provide a means to reduce the computational burden while retaining essential accuracy, enabling engineers and researchers to accelerate their innovation processes.

What you will learn

  • The core concepts behind ROMs, their benefits, and their applications across various industries
  • How to create, validate and deploy ROMs within Ansys Twin Builder
  • Best practices and strategies for implementing ROMs in your simulation


  • Nitin Gupta