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Digital Systems-engineering Conference 2024

Aerospace and defense systems are a complex array of systems that span various concerns. Modern challenges require innovative and cutting-edge solutions that are safe and cost-effective. Software is critical in facilitating this innovation and enhancing safety in mission-critical systems. From components and subsystems to every micro-system, software-enabled innovation is available.


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Model-Based Design, implementation, and testing are at the core of accelerating innovation. Complying with standards is critical for the airworthiness of systems. Safety analysis complying with ARP 4754A/4761 can help analyze the safety at the system level, while DO-178C requires rigorous compliance at the software level. Safety-integrated mission planning enables the visualization of complex systems in the context of the mission. This approach increases the overall reliability and performance factor while reducing testing time and cost savings by up to 50%, with a mission success rate never achievable in the past.

What attendees will learn

  • Learn the methodologies and techniques of harnessing the software-enabled simulation approach
  • Discover how the model-based design approach is critical for mission planning
  • Use simulation technology to reduce testing time and costs by up to 50%