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Ansys 2024 R2: High-Frequency Electronics Update

Join us for the Ansys 2024 R2 webinar, where we'll explore the latest enhancements and new features in high-frequency electronics tools like HFSS, Q3D, SIwave, and more. 

July 16, 2024


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This Ansys 2024 R2 webinar will review the high-frequency electronics tool updates, enhancements, and new features – HFSS, Q3D, SIwave, and more. Engineers developing PCBs, antennas, RF filters, and other technologies for telecommunications, HPC, automotive, A&D, and IoT applications will find many new capabilities and improvements in this update.

What attendees will learn

  • Introduction of Ansys HFSS-IC
  • General parallel component adapt for mesh fusion  
  • Multiple finite array definitions for 3D component array solver    
  • SIwave HFSS regions support the MCAD-ECAD hierarchy  

Who should attend

Engineers involved in hardware design for any electronics market will have the chance to learn how the new 2024 R2 capabilities can help them slash the product development cycle.


  • Sara Louie, Principal Product Manager
  • Juliano Mologni, Lead Product Manager