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Ansys 2024 R1: Ansys Fluent Physics and Modeling What’s New

Enhancements to Fluent software in 2024 R1 include new multiphysics capabilities with Maxwell and Mechanical, faster simulation run times for multi-phase flows, and updated numerics for combustion studies. 


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This presentation will cover enhancements made to Fluent’s CPU physics and modeling capabilities available in version 2024 R1. Development efforts for this release have focused on usability and accuracy improvements, including updates to:

Heat Transfer & Radiation Studies: new customizations for heat transfer models and 10-20% speed-ups for conjugate heat transfer (CHT) calculations

Lagrangian and Eulerian Multi-Phase Flows: Lagrangian film model speeds are 7X faster for key application areas, and Eulerian multi-phase flows are 5X faster for high-speed hull applications

Combustion Simulations: Enhanced numerics for combustion studies use best practices for modeling ammonia combustion, hybrid jet in cross flames, and more

Electro-Chemical Reactions: Thermal abuse models for battery applications can run faster by adjusting thermal runaway reactions before running CFD simulations

Multiphysics: Electric arc modeling is supported via Fluent-Maxwell coupling for applications such as welding arcs, electric switchgear, circuit breakers, and more

Register for the webinar to learn more details about the latest updates to your Fluent software in version 2024 R1. Download the latest version of the software on the Ansys Customer Portal.  


  • Pedro Alfonso
  • Balasubramanyam Sasanapuri