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Ansys 2023 R1: Speos What’s New

We’re excited to introduce some new & exciting improvements and additions to Ansys Speos. These features will reduce your pre-processing time and add more unique possibilities to your workflows.


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About This Webinar

With the 2023 R1 release, Ansys Speos speeds optical simulation by introducing powerful GPU computing, visualization, and LiDAR features, accelerating your time to market. Productivity enhancements allow you to preview texture mappings, virtual lighting animation, and material library enhancements. Ansys Speos continues to increase the flexibility of your ADAS and AV simulations by defining LiDAR sources with pixel resolution.

With an enhanced optical part design module, you can control the facet parameters from an excel spreadsheet. Also, you can preview the support, grid, and projected grid before computing. Optimization becomes easier with the new workbench launcher with the speos environment.

What Attendees Will Learn

  • Understanding of Ansys Speos and its applications
  • Overview of new features added for 2023 R1 release


Karabasappa Tallur