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Unbreakable: 5 Best Practices for Drop Test Simulation using Ansys LS-DYNA 

When was the last time you dropped your phone? When it comes to consumer products and electronics, losses resulting from accidents and shipping damages can be very expensive: from replacement costs to customer dissatisfaction. Drop testing helps to support product development in many ways, including failure prediction, material deformation, transient shocks, environmental resistance, energy absorption, general testing standards and much more. 

While drop test simulation with Ansys LS-DYNA is comprehensive and robust, properly setting up the test has its own set of challenges. Users will need to consider many factors: materials, meshing, performance, runtime, and more. In this paper, we will discuss five best practices and key features for drop test simulation using LS-DYNA. This includes:

  • Mesh Type Selection and Generation Methods
  • Time Step and Mass Scaling
  • Contacts
  • 2023 R1 Updates
  • High-performance Computing and Scalability 

Download the paper for free today to help improve your simulation accuracy, user performance and time to results for your drop test applications. 


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