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Simulation Solutions for Aviation: Hydrogen Propulsion Systems

The commercial aviation industry is on the precipice of a propulsion revolution driven by the need to make commercial flight more sustainable. At present, commercial flights add 1 billion tons of CO2 to the atmosphere each year, and with global air travel expected to increase in the years ahead, that number is also likely to grow. Efforts to decarbonize existing fuels and develop alternatives such as sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) have met with some success. However, SAF is not universally available, and it is likely to be just one part of a more varied energy mix as the industry pursues its environmental goals. These factors have led industry manufacturers to pursue the development of new, more sustainable hydrogen, hybrid-electric, and all-electric propulsion systems. Each system type must be developed on a distinct timeline that accounts for the maturity of the technologies and infrastructure that underpin them. 


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