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White Paper

Reliability Physics Analysis for Implementing SAE J3168 Standard - Implementation with Ansys Sherlock

SAE J3168 describes a standardized approach to reliability physics analysis (RPA) that offers significant benefits to design and analysis of electronic hardware. SAE J3168 assesses board-level reliability and durability with respect to five major potential failure mechanisms:

  1. Solder joint fatigue due to thermal cycling
  2. Solder attachment fatigue due to mechanical vibration
  3. Solder joint failure due to mechanical shock
  4. Printed circuit board via hole fatigue due to thermal cycling
  5. Aging and wearout of microcircuits due to electromigration, oxide breakdown, bias temperature instability and hot carrier injection

This white paper describes the approach and content of SAE J3168 and the challenges in implementing it in aerospace, automotive, defense, and high-performance (AADHP) industries. It further describes how Ansys Sherlock can be used to easily implement the SAE J3168 standards.



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