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Powering up Automotive Simulation: Why Migrating to the Cloud is a Game Changer

Automotive engineering calls for intensive, complex models to comply with industry and government safety regulations. Engineers use simulations to evaluate and analyze hundreds of virtual test scenarios in every aspect of vehicle engineering, from durability and noise to crashworthiness and aerodynamics. Electric vehicles (EVs) bring the added challenges of range, electrified powertrain, autonomous system reliability, and electromagnetic susceptibility.

What You Will Learn

  • Current challenges for automotive engineering
  • Drawbacks to on-premises high-performance computing (HPC) clusters and computer-aided engineering (CAE) tools 
  • Review studies show how Ansys Gateway powered by AWS can balance run times and costs 

Cloud computing offers a flexible and cost-effective alternative, allowing engineers to utilize the latest hardware and software on-demand. Get your copy of this white paper.


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