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Optimizing Performance in Ultra-Short Throw Projector  Design with OpticStudio And OpticsBuilder

As optical projectors continue to gain adoption for industrial and institutional use, design teams are scrambling to meet increasingly strict functional requirements. Ultra-short throw projectors provide an attractive solution as they’re smaller than a standard projector and can still perform well. Their design, however, poses unique challenges. Usually, engineers design mechanical components in CAD software and package their designs according to the optical design currently completed; however, the process of importing the optical system and rebuilding it accurately in CAD is typically laborious, time-consuming, and vulnerable to error. Ansys Zemax OpticsBuilder makes it simple to convert and build an optical system designed in Ansys Zemax OpticStudio into a native CAD model, where an optomechanical engineer can design mechanical components in the most familiar working environment with the most accurate optical parameters. This cross-product coordination yields significant time savings and accurate optomechanical system analysis.

OpticStudio and OpticsBuilder interoperate to directly support the optomechanical design workflow for these devices by aligning and streamlining the ways optical and optomechanical engineers collaborate over key performance data points, helping them get to market faster with high-performing optical projectors. This paper walks you through the five stages of an Ansys Zemax-enabled ultra-short throw projector system design and analysis, showing how our integrated tools help reduce the time, required expertise, and risk of errors associated with incorporating optomechanical system analysis into ultra-short throw projector system design. 


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