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White Paper

Leveraging Engineering Simulation to Fast-Track Personalized Healthcare

The current “one size fits all” approach to healthcare fails to recognize the significant differences between the bodies and behaviors of different patients. This creates inefficiencies and cost overruns — but it also affects the quality of care provided. By personalizing the specific treatment to each patient, healthcare will become more affordable for patients and more profitable for providers due to increased efficiency. Implanted medical devices and wearables are becoming more commonplace, saving millions of lives each year. Yet personalized healthcare still requires a significant paradigm shift, as well as a new technology toolkit for collecting data via devices and wearables that is used to customize treatment. Engineering simulation provides a cost-effective, rapid and straightforward solution for modeling patients’ bodies and designing devices that interact optimally with the body. This allows healthcare providers to devise truly personalized treatment plans, as well as predict health problems before they occur, enabling early intervention. While this “medical digital twin” concept might seem like science fiction, advanced technology is poised to improve quality of life for people around the world.



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