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How To Select The Best Processor And HPC System For Your Ansys Workloads 

As manufacturers move toward Industry 4.0, computer-aided engineering (CAE) is becoming an even more crucial element in the design and testing of a variety of products. As a result, experts predict the CAE software and hardware market will reach a market value of USD 8.7 billion by 20261. Computers can help engineers more efficiently design, analyze, and manufacture their products, whether you’re talking about automobiles, aircraft, ocean-going vessels, trains, or the machines and tools used to build them.

Using high-performance computing (HPC) clusters to run simulations and solve complex equations, CAE can reduce development time and cost, and simultaneously improve product quality and customer satisfaction.

The key to improving CAE performance and reaching key insights faster is a combination of processors and HPC systems suited for the specific CAE workloads.

This white paper helps manufacturers decide which processor and HPC system is most appropriate for their Ansys CFD, Mechanical and LS-DYNA workloads. Based on numerous benchmark results described, it also illustrates several examples of the performance gains manufacturers can expect by the 3rd Gen Intel Xeon processor’s improved memory, compute, and I/O features.


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