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Amplify Simulation via Effective Data and Process Management

Over the past 50 years, engineering simulation has proven its value by reducing development time and costs, as well as dramatically improving product performance. By subjecting their designs to real-world physical forces in a risk-free virtual environment, product development teams can identify issues and address them at an early stage, thus minimizing expensive rework, prototyping, and physical testing. Organizations need to amplify the impact of simulation to the greatest extent possible by integrating it into the end-to-end product development process, which means optimizing the storage, management, and application of all simulation data — as well as streamlining and accelerating simulation workflows. Today, when multiphysics, system-level simulations of highly complex products have become the norm, this has never been more important.

Ansys Minerva is a purpose-built solution designed to maximize the strategic value of simulation by creating a robust ecosystem that brings together multidisciplinary engineers, simulation specialists, and nonexpert team members. Minerva focuses diverse team members on a common goal: verifying the performance of highly innovative products and launching them into the marketplace as quickly and confidently as possible.  


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