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Boosting AEDT Simulation with Ansys Cloud

The recently enhanced Ansys Cloud submission tool within Ansys Electronics Desktop (AEDT) provides designers the ability to tailor resource configurations for each step in the electromagnetic simulation process (initial meshing, adaptive meshing and frequency sweep), thereby providing the best balance between solve time and costs related to running on Cloud. This new dynamic sizing high-performance (HPC) workflow offers Ansys AEDT users more flexibility and control over price and performance and will ease an organization’s transition from legacy on premise desktops to optimally run cloud resources. Watch this webinar to learn more about Ansys AEDT and how to improve your workflow with Ansys Cloud. With Ansys Cloud, remove your hardware barrier, increase your simulation throughput and reduce your simulation time by harnessing thousands of cores.

This webinar showcases how you can switch to the new price/performance optimized submission workflow within Ansys Cloud.

  • Learn how improved Ansys Cloud submission in Ansys Electronics Desktop (AEDT) enables you to strategically tailor desired resources efficiently at different stages during the simulation process, providing the best performance over time and cost.
  • Explore how to select a combination of hardware configurations at the three stages (i.e., initial meshing, adaptive meshing and frequency sweep) to optimize the price/performance ratio.
  • Realize the cost performance difference for yourself as we demonstrate real-world examples using three setups to run a typical HFSS radar simulation: a small (8-cpu) virtual machine, a single-size cloud instance and a dynamically sized and cost-optimized cloud configuration.

JJ jones, Product Sales Manager, Ansys
Matt Commens, Principal Product Manager, Ansys


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