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Using Engineering Simulation to Fight COVID-19 Outbreak

To contribute to fighting the COVID-19 pandemic and help accelerate the efforts of academic and industrial scientists and engineers fighting the virus Ansys is organizing a webinar featuring the simulation technology available to speed up designs and solutions to combat COVID-19. We will discuss challenges in designing devices healthcare facilities and treatments for the disease:

  • Designing new ventilator systems
    • Using existing assembly lines for ventilator system production
    • Ensuring electronic mechanical and fluid flow performance of the new design
    • Evaluating alternative materials
  • Designing masks
    • Analyzing fluid flow through the porous medium of masks
  • Designing isolation wards
    • Ensuring desired air flow patterns that minimize the risk of further spread
  • Studying virus spread patterns through sneezing/coughing
    • Developing device risk mitigation strategies

Ansys is committed to providing software support and services for the following simulation capabilities:

  • Multiple physics like fluid flow mechanical and electrical/electronic analysis
  • Multiphysics problems like coupled fluid flow and mechanical analysis
  • Systems modeling to analyze complex interactions of various subsystems of a device
  • Design optimization
  • Materials selection for optimal design and function

Benefits of using simulation technology

  • Accelerate evaluation of device performance and reliability
  • Conduct “what if” studies
  • Conduct parametric studies
  • Perform quick-and-easy simulations followed by detailed analysis if desired


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