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True System Design with HFSS 3D Layout

This webinar highlights how HFSS 3D Layout environment enables engineers to assemble full systems together in one design.

  • Learn how to assemble complex board, package and connector geometry into one design.
  • Explore automation features that help perform quick and easy model setup.
  • Understand how simulation is enabled by using 3D components in HFSS.
  • Discover how to visualize electric field response of full system circuits.

Aaron Edwards received his BSEE from California Polytechnic State University in Pomona, CA. He joined Ansoft in 2000 as an Application Engineer for the company's suite of signal integrity analysis tools. After the acquisition of Ansoft by Ansys in 2008, Aaron was promoted to Technical Account Manager for the Electronics Business Unit. For that position, he managed the Cross-Regional Electronics Application Engineers who focused on sales and support to the largest SI companies in North America. In 2010, he began managing the Western Region Application Engineering team which works with the leading-edge high-tech companies to enable them to solve the most complex design engineering challenges using Ansys solvers. He is currently the Director of Application Engineering for the Central and East Regions.

Speaker: Aaron Edwards, Technical Account Manager, Ansys



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