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Topology Optimization using Ansys Mechanical

Design optimization has become an imperative ritual among numerous industries to achieve optimum product performance and reduce costs, thereby achieving smarter designs in less time. Among the various optimization technologies (e.g. parametric, free form etc.), topology optimization plays a vital role during the concept selection phase of a product’s design and development cycle. Unless it has been topologically optimized, every part in an assembly probably weighs more than it needs to. Extra weight means excess materials are being used, loads on moving parts are higher than necessary, energy efficiency is being compromised and shipping the part costs more.

Ansys Mechanical provides topology optimization to deliver an affordable, enhanced physics-based concept during a product’s early design phase. This helps engineers consider static, dynamic and thermal loading scenarios and incorporate several manufacturing constraints for optimizing a component for a target manufacturing process like additive manufacturing, casting, extrusion, etc.

The webinar provides an overview of Mechanical’s core competencies.

  • Discover the Ansys topology optimization portfolio: SIMP, LevelSet and Lattice.
  • Learn how to set up a problem, define objectives and constraints and perform solving.
  • Understand how to process optimized geometry and conduct design validation.

Speaker: Dinesh Kumar - Senior application Engineer, Ansys


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