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Optimizing Parts in an Electric Motor: Topology Optimization to Part Validation with Ansys Mechanical

In our modern world, the challenges and expectations for new products have intensified. Complexity of products has increased, products must accelerate to market faster, must be lightweight and feature increased functionality. For example, in the transportation industry, lighter trucks reduce electricity and fuel costs. And by conserving material, manufacturers slash production costs. This enables a simplified and durable final product with an extended product lifespan.

Join us for this free cutting-edge webinar which showcases the workflow from geometry to validation for all available topology optimization methods, empowering you to generate truly lightweight structures. Using electric motor components, we will illustrate how finite element analysis, topology optimization and additive manufacturing play an important role in validating these lightweight structures using an optimum workflow.

  • Learn how to leverage early stage simulation to solve a structural (stress, deformation) analysis.
  • Understand how to perform topology optimization to find the most optimal geometry.
  • Receive expert tips for conducting a structural analysis to validate the new geometry.
  • Discover how to predict part shape, distortion and stresses of additive manufacturing and validate the printed part with a final fatigue analysis.



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