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The Foundations of the Ansys RaptorX Silicon-optimized Electromagnetic Solver

Silicon integration technology and associated devices have undergone an impressive evolution over the last decades. Device and circuit density increase due to CMOS devices' physical scaling and expansion in the Front-End-of-Line (FEOL) and passive devices in the Back-End-of-Line (BEOL).

Silicon integrated devices are ruled by complex electromagnetic (EM) effects, including electric and magnetic field coupling and interaction with the semiconductor bulk substrate. As chips grow, complexity, operating frequency, and integration techniques push integration boundaries from 2D SoCs to 3D stacked ICs. Consequently, it becomes critical to analyze electromagnetic coupling to ensure working silicon accurately.

This webinar focuses on Ansys RaptorX, the hybrid solver that powers the Ansys silicon-optimized electromagnetic simulation portfolio. Starting from Maxwell's equations, we'll present the fundamentals of the modeling methodology. Attendees will have a chance to understand how and why the combination of Partial Element Equivalent Circuit and Random Walk solvers into a single hybrid method (PEEC-RW) can provide accurate and efficient models for modern SoC and 3D IC designs.

What you will learn

  • Overview of the challenges in modern IC circuits that affect accurate and efficient electromagnetic modeling
  • Learn about the fundamental technologies of the hybrid solver (PEEC-RW) powering the Ansys silicon-optimized electromagnetic simulation portfolio
  • Understand how this hybrid technology and the additional flow innovations result in an accurate and highly efficient modeling solution for SoC and 3D IC designs
  • Review the types of applications this technology is best suited for, plus a few indicative benchmark results

Who should attend

Users of all Ansys electronics solvers as well as users of competitor solvers (Dassault, Altair, Cadence)


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