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Simulation Toolchain for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems / Autonomous Driving Functions

Meeting the stringent safety standards for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles (AVs) requires exhaustive physical road testing that spans billions of miles across millions of traffic and weather-related scenarios, consuming significant development time and cost.

Ansys AVxcelerate helps you assemble, simulate and test drive many physics-based sensors — including cameras, radar and lidar — in a virtual world. Additionally, its powerful graphical visualization capabilities enable you to assess your complex ADAS systems and AVs virtually by connecting your optical and functional operations into a highly sophisticated driving simulator.

Join us for this free webinar which spotlights how AVxcelerate will help you efficiently and cost-effectively create your ADAS and AV products, expediting their path to market faster than ever.

  • Receive expert tips for implementing your simulation toolchain for ADAS/AVs.
  • Learn how to generate massive scenario variations by using state-of-the-art model-in-the-loop and software-in-the-loop testing either on-premise or in the cloud.
  • Discover how to create and test your physics-based sensors within a virtual driving experience.
  • Understand how to leverage automation for creating a massive number of simulations.


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