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Simulation-driven Design of Modern Biosensors

Biosensors are powerful tools for sensing analytes in the health, environment and security industries. Biosensor and Bioinstrumentation Lab, IIT Bombay is involved in the development of optical and electrochemical sensors for such purposes. Simulating the diffusion (of analytes) process, the binding process and the transduction process supports BSBI lab's efforts, empowering them to design better sensor chambers and flow systems, including inlet and outlet configurations.

This webinar spotlights the various sensors BSBI lab has developed and their related outcomes. Additionally, the webinar will highlight the detailed biosensor simulation studies. We will also discuss the modeling of optical biosensors using Ansys Speos and the electrochemical biosensor using Ansys Fluent.


Prof. Soumyo Mukherji, Institute Chair Professor in the Department of Biosciences and Bioengineering, IIT Bombay

Mahesh Kadam, Technology Specialist, Ansys


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