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STOP Analysis: Simulating Realistic Optical Performance of a Low Earth Orbit Satellite

Developing optical payloads for aerospace applications requires multi-physics collaboration. This type of workflow involves designing an optical system and generating opto-mechanical behavior by realistically modeling the structural and thermal impacts experienced by a payload in orbit.

The Ansys software suite offers a streamlined optical simulation workflow that enables Structural-Thermal-Optical-Performance (STOP) analysis for aerospace applications. Interoperability between software packages eliminates time consuming tasks to interface simulation steps and allows for more time to be devoted to the engineering process.

Join us to learn how this workflow works for a CubeSat operating in a low Earth orbit. Beginning with an optical payload modeled using OpticStudio & OpticsBuilder, we will demonstrate how to perform finite difference and element analysis using Thermal Desktop & Ansys Mechanical. We'll then showcase how to import the generated thermal and structural analysis data into the OpticStudio STAR module for STOP analysis. To create thermal loading data (e.g., solar flux) representative of in-orbit conditions, we'll describe how Ansys Systems Tool Kit (STK) can model the CubeSat orbit and interface with the STOP analysis workflow. 

What Attendees Will Learn

  • Bring a CubeSat optical payload through the stages of optical design, opto-mechanical design, and Structural-Thermal-Optical-Performance (STOP) analysis.
  • Understand how Ansys Systems Tool Kit can model the orbit of a satellite and determine the boundary conditions for thermal analysis.
  • Utilize Thermal Desktop & Ansys Mechanical to perform thermal and structural analyses for temperature distributions and optical surface deformations that the payload in low Earth orbit will experience.
  • Learn how to import temperature and deformation data into OpticStudio via the STAR Module to analyze the effects of the data on optical performance.


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