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Robust Design Optimization using Ansys optiSlang

Design optimization has become an imperative in order to achieve optimum product performance and save costs, thereby producing smarter designs in less time. This relentless application of optimization technologies and increasing market competition is pushing the limits of existing engineering capabilities. Traditional optimization methods offer single-physics deterministic optimization which many not suffice in case of multiple complex physical and stochastic environments. Therefore, it is important to further engineer product designs using a software tool that offers a framework for multidisciplinary, multi-objective robust design optimization in contrast to single-physics deterministic optimization.

With Ansys optiSLang’s unique capabilities, you can perform product development with high economic efficiency by conducting sensitivity analysis, multidisciplinary optimization, robustness evaluation, reliability analysis and signal calibration using various standard and in-house solvers. optiSLang helps engineers reach an optimal design in stochastic and multiphysics environments to produce a robust, competitive product.

Topics include:

  • Sensitivity analysis and reducing unimportant parameters
  • Unique response surface generation — metamodel of optimal prognosis
  • Optimization methods, robustness and reliability evaluation
  • Robust design optimization performance
  • Process integration, signal calibration, demo and case studies


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