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Solving RF and Microwave Design Integration Challenges Using 3D Component Modeling

3D electromagnetic (EM) analysis has become a crucial step for radio frequency (RF) and microwave design. Compact topologies, higher design frequencies and increasing product complexity mean more electromagnetic interactions between microwave components. Pure circuit simulation and planar electromagnetic analysis, although useful first steps, can be insufficient for more complex designs since they are unable to capture component-to-component coupling. This unexpected coupling can result in performance degradation and, in turn, lead to costly and lengthened design cycles. Using full, 3D EM analysis of critical design subsections can mitigate much of the on-the-bench troubleshooting. Assembling the necessary geometry for this analysis requires close collaboration between vendors and customers. New technology, available in Ansys HFSS that allows for detailed design sharing while protecting design IP, facilitates this collaboration.

This webinar discusses how to set up and solve a full, 3D EM analysis with 3D component technology to help designers achieve first-pass design success. View this on-demand webinar to learn how 3D component modeling delivers highly accurate RF and microwave design solutions, plus powerful marketing advantages for your company.



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