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Predicting Vibration and Noise in A&D Applications

 Facing an increasingly competitive, threat-filled environment, aerospace and defense companies must digitally transform their processes and products to deliver radical innovation and maintain market leadership.

Prediction of vibration and sound propagation can play important roles in the design of many products. Examples include noise caused by turbulent flow around structural components, transmission of sound through thin panels and the acoustic performance of piezoelectric devices, etc. Excessive vibration can reduce the fatigue life of aerospace components. Excessive noise levels are the biggest threat in deploying defense equipment on the field.

Virtual assessment of vibration, impact and acoustic performance of products early in the design stage can greatly reduce cost and product development time. Join us to learn about Ansys solutions for vibration and acoustic simulations.

In this session we will discuss on the following topics:

  • Aeroacoustics modeling approaches
  • High-speed flow aero-acoustics modelling examples
  • Validation studies for high-speed flow aeroacoustics
  • Sound radiation due to vibrating structures
  • Different techniques to predict noise in low, mid and high frequency ranges
  • Underwater scattering
  • Diffuse sound-field acoustics
  • Coupling between flow pressure (CFD)/electromagnetic forces and vibro-acoustics
  • Coupling between MEMS and acoustics for sensor application


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