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Platform-Level Integration of Antennas, RF Systems and Cables       

About this Webinar

Virtually every modern platform includes RF systems for a variety of functions including navigation, communication, surveillance and sensing. These RF systems are connected to antennas via cables routed through the vehicle or any other platform. Integrating these systems on the platform in a way that achieves interference-free operation for all systems is a challenging problem due to close proximity and multiple potential coupling paths.

What you will learn

Join us to learn how advanced simulation software and measurement help you address the challenges of integrating many RF systems and the associated cables, antennas, filters and other RF components into platforms. This webinar is applicable to a wide variety of platforms including automotive, aerospace, naval, rail and electronics.

  • Learn how Ansys HFSS, Ansys SIwave, and Ansys EMA3D Cable are used to compute S-parameters between cables, antennas and PCBs.
  • Discover how the Automated Radio Measurement System (ARMS) is used to measure broadband performance of transmitters and receivers.
  • Understand how EMIT is used to perform system-level analysis incorporating data from simulation and measurement.


  • Matt Miller
  • Fred German


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