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PCB Reliability Analysis with Ansys

With increasing demands being placed on modern electronics systems, it is imperative that engineers consider the common failure modes and scenarios when developing their products. Ansys solutions revolutionize electronics designs by empowering designers and analysts to simulate real-world conditions and accurately model PCBs and assemblies to predict solder fatigue due to thermo-mechanical, shock, and vibration conditions. With cutting edge modeling features such as trace modeling and industry-leading physics solvers, Ansys can play a major role in your product development process.

Ansys Sherlock Automated Design Analysis software is the only Reliability Physics/Physics of Failure (PoF)-based electronics design software that provides fast and accurate life predictions for electronic hardware at the component, board and system levels in early design stages. Ansys Sherlock reduces FEA modeling time and provides insights before prototyping, eliminating test failures and design flaws, while accelerating product qualification and the introduction of groundbreaking technologies.

Together with Ansys Sherlock, Ansys Mechanical provides a breadth of advanced technologies aimed at addressing a wide variety of Mechanical concerns, such as shock, drop, vibration, thermal cycling/fatigue, and many others.

This webinar provides an informational overview of these key technologies to learn how Ansys solutions can help you develop the best electronics products possible.


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