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Optimizing Optical Design and Validation Workflows with Ansys Speos Lens System Importer

Virtual testing helps evaluate thousands of test cases, scenarios and design parameters, speeding the development of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles (AV). Sensor models require a high level of fidelity to accurately profile system performances while ensuring the simulation runs within the time and computation constraints. The Ansys Speos lens system importer, developed from a partnership between Ansys and Zemax, generates reduced order models (ROMs) of automotive cameras from detailed optical models created in Zemax OpticStudio. The IP of these detailed optical models are protected using the Zemax Black Box when generating the ROMs.

This webinar spotlights the interoperability between Zemax OpticStudio and Speos. It also focuses on the power and simplicity of the Speos lens system importer together with the associated workflow on a typical low- and high-speed ADAS use case.

  • Learn how the Speos lens system importer helps ease the creation and analysis of imaging systems.
  • Understand how to import any native Zemax optical system or any Speos-generated optical system into Ansys Speos.
  • Explore how using imported systems guarantees a unique continuity throughout the development process of imaging systems.
  • Discover how imported systems are implemented and experienced in camera sensors in Ansys VRXPERIENCE for interactive testing and validation.



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