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A Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) Approach to the Design & Optimization of Phased Array Antenna Systems

Watch this webinar to learn how Ansys ModelCenter can be used to enable a digital Model Based System Engineering (MBSE) approach to the design & optimization of next-generation phased array antenna systems. ModelCenter is used to bridge the gap between SysML descriptive models and analytical performance models for system architecture trade study analysis. Using descriptive models, the system architecture and behavioral requirements are captured.

Using ModelCenter, we integrate component, subsystem, system, platform, and mission models to form a digital thread and enable multi-domain, physics-based performance analysis and optimization. By integrating engineering performance models of our antenna system in a unified digital environment, we are able to shorten the design cycle, explore a broader design trade space, identify errors earlier, and make more informed design decisions. Our MBSE design approach has been employed throughout the system lifecycle from conceptual design to system implementation & testing.


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