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April 06, 2021


Making the Cockpit of the Future a (Virtual) Reality

This webinar illustrates the main capabilities of the combination of Ansys VRXPERIENCE HMI and Ansys Speos in the early design validation of cockpits/dashboards.

We will spotlight how VRXPERIENCE HMI helps check virtual prototypes with scenarios and environments similar to real-life conditions, like interaction between the user and the prototype (hand/finger tracking, tactile display). We will also explore how the virtual prototype reacts to those interaction thanks to the HMI embedded in the real system.

Additionally, we will discuss how Speos offers a refined human eye sensor model and provides access to Ansys Human Vision’s algorithm for luminance and immersive 360-degree observer results to overcome classical display limitations in terms of luminance dynamic range. Human Vision smartly adapts the displayed luminance and contrast, enabling visualization of key details that would be seen in the real world, then emulates physiological properties of the human eye.

  • Understand how the combination of VR and optical simulation can solve some design issues early in the process.
  • Discover the importance of testing the prototype with enough accuracy - even a VR tool can be predictive.
  • Learn how embedded software will impact your final product.
  • Explore how to define different lighting scenarios to check your prototype.


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