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Introducing Students to Battery Pack Design with Ansys Granta EduPack

Battery selection and battery pack design are becoming increasingly important skills for engineers, as automotive and other sectors focus on electrification goals. There is an identified skills shortage of not only battery designers but also engineers who possess an understanding of batteries and battery pack design.

Ansys Granta EduPack’s new Battery Designer tool and associated battery cells data helps educators address these challenges. Students can compare different battery cells and explore their performance when combined into battery packs and modules, allowing them to gain understanding of the tradeoffs and challenges in this area.

By examining a simple, real-world case study of a battery pack for an electrical bicycle, we will demonstrate the capabilities of the Battery Designer tool and discuss how it can be used in education, from introducing students to the subject for the first time to enabling the design of battery modules for advanced projects.

  • Learn how students can use the battery cells table to compare battery types and investigate the performance of different cell chemistries.
  • Discover how the Battery Designer tool supports battery pack design in labs or for project work.
  • Understand the learning outcomes supported by the battery cells data and Battery Designer tool.


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