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Introducing Ansys EMA3D Charge – Charging and Discharging Modeling Solution

Electrification creates new requirements for high-voltage batteries and power systems as part of everyday life. Autonomous vehicle systems must retain their safety-critical functions when exposed to static discharges within their normal operating environment. In space exploration, providing greater connectivity and accessibility is required. These three technological developments require a deep understanding of electrical charging and discharging phenomena. Preventing catastrophic failures of products due to charge and discharge events must be tackled. Until now, product design teams did not have any means to simulate charging and discharging events. Engineers want to use simulation to optimize product design when changes are less costly and before production ramps up.

Ansys EMA3D Charge is a brand new, 3D simulation product that meets these needs. It simulates spacecraft charging effects, electrical arc on high voltage systems such as busbars and cables, non-contact ESD (electrostatic discharge), dielectric breakdown, among several other applications.Highlighting critical applications of Ansys EMA3D Charge, we'll introduce the technology used to simulate ESDs in air and solids, surface, and internal charging.


What Attendees Will Learn

Join us to learn how to tackle charging and discharging simulations, plus

  • Model air breakdown in HV systems with an FDTD method coupled to a non-linear chemistry module.
  • Assess risks associated with spacecraft charging in low and high energy plasma environments.
  • Integrate EMA3D Charge with STK and Ensight.
  • Simulate ESDs in solid dielectrics.
  • Investigate shielding effectiveness in 3D.



Kevin-Druis Merenda
Kevin is a Product Manager of Ansys EMA3D Charge at Electro Magnetic Applications, Inc. and a Space and Defense Consultant in Electromagnetic Effects.

Juliano Mologni
Juliano Mologni is the EMI/EMC Product Manager at Ansys. His background includes computational electromagnetics, plus several RF and EMC projects with top automotive, aerospace and defense, consumer appliances, and high-tech companies. With over 20 years of experience, he's a patent author in more than 60 journal and conference papers.


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