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Full Mission Support with Ansys HFSS and STK 

Using Ansys STK, systems engineers develop workflows that seamlessly integrate the higher fidelity component models from its existing market-leading physics-based simulation tools like Ansys HFSS.

The relationship between component and system-level modeling is significant for customers working in space applications and urban environments. This webinar will demonstrate a complete simulation workflow from the component-level modeling of an antenna to the system-level integration of the antenna onto a satellite. Digital mission support for a satellite in orbit uses the installed array to transmit signals to a receiver on Earth. Furthermore, an additional radar analysis is performed with STK with actual RCS data from an aircraft model with HFSS.

What you will learn 

  • Build and analyze a communication link
  • Apply external antenna gain patterns files from Ansys HFSS
  • Generate a link budget
  • Use Ansys HFSS generated RCS files from an aircraft in STK
  • See model radar with STK (e.g., probability of detection)

Who should attend

This webinar will benefit engineers, designers, operators, and analysts involved in digital transformation and MBSE. The attendees will learn how Ansys solutions can connect silos, reduce costs, improve time to market and eliminate risks.


  • Segio Melais, Lead Application Engineer, Ansys
  • Vineet Kochhar, Sr. Corporate Systems Engineer, Ansys Government Initiatives


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